Good Vision enhances Sports Performance

Based on findings, a good vision enhances sports performance according research from atheletes. The perfect balance on color and in depth perception plays an important role. Having a good sight can expand your limits with regards to your performance.

sunglasses Good Vision enhances Sports Performance

How does good vision enhances sports performance?

Our eyes are one of the 5 sense organ in our body. Having a good vision is essential on our everyday tasks. While bad vision can affect our duties which may lead to accidents. Also known that a Good Vision enhances Sports Performance. Doing outdoor activities such as Sports, also relies on having a good vision. During daytime, glares can affect our sight and may lead to permanent damage to our eyes. And just like what our Ophthalmologist tells us, that we should protect our eyes just like our skin, from UV rays. We should wear comfortable sunglasses which would deflect these harmful lights for a long period of time. Studies show that prolonged exposure to ultraviolet sunlight may lead to cataract as we age.

Outdoor Sports

Choosing the Right Protection for Good Vision

Why should you limit yourself from doing what needs to be done, just because you are avoiding the sunlight? Expand your limits by choosing the right protection for your eyes and play along with your comrades. Just like how you protect your skin with sunscreen lotion, you should also use sunglasses for your eyes. For the reason that, Good Vision enhances Sports Performance. You should choose the right pair of sunglasses that are polarized to deflect harmful rays from the sun. Sure, there have been a lot of sunglasses on the market today, but only a few meets the right standard.

Purpose of different lens color of sunglasses

Then again, some of you might be wondering what is the concept behind putting different tints on sunglasses. Because a Good Vision enhances Sports Performance. To further explain it, the reason behind it is because of adaptation with colors to different colors of light on your surroundings. Each color produces different output for your vision based on brightness of within the environment.

Generally, yellow and gray colored lenses fits almost an all purpose daily eyewear. Because yellow colored lenses balances the light and darkness. While gray colored lenses maintains the true colors of objects at the right level. Below is the overall summary for the purpose of different lens color of sunglasses.

Outdoor Sports

If some of you might be asking why do we need sunglasses especially for outdoor sports. The answer is about our eyes needs portection from the harmful sun UV rays just like or skin. Also, good vision enhances sports performance. Consequently, permanent eye injury can happen if prolong exposure on UVA and UVB light occurs. So, below are some examples that may need sunglasses to help you protect your eyes.


Protection from Sunlight and Glares

Have you played beach volleyball at daytime and while waiting for the ball in the air, having a direct vision of the sunlight? Imagine how painful that must be, looking at it unintentionally with your naked eyes. Having said that, would you still be able to play and enjoy your favorite sports? You may end up missing the ball or closing your eyes and get hit by the ball! What a shame isn’t it? There are several ways to have great sign especially under the harmful rays of the sun. Most imortantly, because a Good Vision enhances Sports Performance.

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Good Vision Tips


Good Vision Enhances Sports Performance Tips

When choosing your sunglasses you should consider having the right leverage of contrast. Because Good Vision enhances Sports Performance. In athletics, the level of contrast sensitivity can make a split-second difference. It could have an impact on things like hitting, kicking or catching the ball. Notably, having a great pair of polarized sunglasses can make details sharper. Also, consider choosing sunglasses that perfectly fits you, so you could wear them comfortably for long period of time while staying outdoors. Lastly, sunglasses comes with different tints / colors, it’s still important to choose the right sports sunglasses that defines your personality.

Summary on how good vision enhances sports performance

Another thing to note, if you are wearing presicription glasses. Did you know that there are cons on wearing your prescription glasses during sports ? Overall, your performance when doing Outdoor Sports, relies on two things: deciding to wear a protection for your eyes and consider to choose the right standard for your sunglasses. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. Treatments are comparably expensive than wearing a protection today. So be active, stay healthy, by playing your favorite Sports and don’t forget to bring your pair of sunglasses with you. Certainly, good vision enhances sports performance. Finally, a word of advice, “Keep an eye on your eyes”  😀  

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