Mountain Bike Accessories For The Perfect Ride

The sport of biking has changed dramatically since its invention in the 1890’s. Mountain bikes today are incredible machines which are purpose built for special riding styles. They attract riders of different kinds and social status. At some point during the progression from the phase of mountain biking newbie to ‘serious’ mountain biker, you’ll probably want to take longer rides, ride aggressively, and achieve more on a mountain bike. at this point, you may have to spend some to help you enjoy a faster, harder, or longer ride. So we pile a list of Mountain Bike Accessories. A planner for you to start with.

Mountain Bike Accessories Cycling tour

11 Essential Mountain Bike Accessories

Here are some mountain bike accessories upgrades that may help you get a lot more out of the trails and ride safer with more enjoyment. But for me personally, can’t go on a trip without my sports sunglasses. So here they are. In no particular order, they include;

An Expedition Water Bottle

Some water bottles that are often affixed to a cage with a net and these guys are are the cheapest option. However, they don’t hold enough water for long-distance rides. If you’re planning on going on any rides that will be last longer than two or three hours long, you may have to invest in this an expedition water bottle.

Knee shin or Elbow Pads

If you are getting serious about your mountain biking, you will need to Invest in a set of arm and leg armor and these will protect your hide from injury. If you can afford both, just buy one. Go for knee and shin protection (note that your legs might get tired before the arms). Also, riders can go one of both ways and with this: a knee only pad and knee and shin protection. It is highly recommended that you get the shin and knee combo. Some shins might get pretty beat up on tough rides.

elbow and knee pads Mountain Bike Accessories

Cycling sunglasses fit over glasses

Using biking sunglasses can protect a rider from both the scorching sun and the cold. Cold wind entering into your retina can make you cry like a baby who just had her favorite candy ripped from her hands. These biking sunglasses help minimize side wind as well (providing the benefit of keeping the eyes from freezing) If you wanted to opt for a basic set of biking glasses with clear lenses, you can upgrade that to a set that is polarized. What should you look out for in biking glasses? They should be comfortable to put on Essentially having a wraparound frame with rubber temple pieces to hold it together. Finally, they should have a sturdy build that would not scratch easily.

Night Lights

As we all know, mountain biking is splendid. Mountain biking during the night is even more amazing. The trails are less busy, its quieter, and everything’s a little bit cooler. Do not ride at night with just any headlamp – you will not see well enough with it and will probably tag a tree along the way. Buy good lights. Here are a few factors to consider before buying;

  1. brightness
  2. how long its battery lasts.
  3. how quickly they recharge
  4. if you will need a headlamp add-on
  5. does it offer varying brightness modes?

POV Camera

Get a chest mount along with your camera to capture all the fun highlights as you ride.

POV camera dashcam Mountain Bike Accessories

Chain breaker

If you have been using a chain breaker as a part of your multi-tool, you’ll know that they are pretty crappy. Spending in a quality standalone chain breaker will make all trailside emergency chain fixes a lot quicker and easier.

Bike Stand

If you plan to get serious about mountain biking, then you should also get serious about maintenance of your mountain bike. At least, you should tune/clean the drivetrain, clean and lubricate the bike and replace your brake pads. All of this is a lot easier when placed on a good bike stand.

Travel Case

You’ve invested about $5000 for a carbon-fiber bike and you want to ship it in a cardboard box? Doesn’t sound reasonable. If you want to protect your bike for carrier travel, you should invest in a bike bag or a hard-shell bike cover. High-quality bike bags are recommended for portability and ease of use.

Weather Check

To enjoy a hassle free ride, you better check the weather before going on joy ride. This is to decide what proper attire to wear especially on a rainy day.  Also, it helps you to prepare whether its going to be a slippery or dangerous road ahead. If the weather condition is too harsh, do not hesitate to cancel or reschedule your travel plans.

A Cool Jersey

It’s time to move from your boring t-shirt to a good mountain bike jersey. You can have two styles: – Form-fitting jersey: tight-fitting, typically with a front zipper and back pockets – Freeride jersey: loose-fitting jersey, frequently worn over armor, without back pockets or zippers. Get the correct one for your style, and pick one made of fabric as it wicks away sweat. Get two or more if you can afford it. Unless you do not care about personal hygiene, you cannot get more than a single ride out of your jersey before having to send it to the washer.

Winter cap

Most helmets are designed to allow airflow and are fit for safety. Such features may be challenging during winter: a lot of holes bring about a cold head, but a tight fit may make pulling the helmet over a hat dopey-looking and uncomfortable. What you need is a winter cap that can fit under the helmet without having you feel like you’re wearing a tiara. There are several caps that have Euro styling with a folding ear flap that tuck away, while a polypropylene liner enhances moisture and insulation wicking to keep the head dry and warm.

Riding Buddy

Ok, this isn’t technically a mountain bike cycling accessory. However, a good riding buddy makes every ride much better. The cost may be a few beers. Cheers!

cycling Riding Buddy
Mountain Bike Accessories Cycling tour

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