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Best Swimming Ear Plugs before Hitting the Water


Swimming is not just a sport, it is also a recreational activity that brings happiness to family and friends. However, during the swim there is an inevitable irritating experience of water inside the ears.

This is a potential danger to your ears. If swimmers protect their eyes with goggles, why not protect the ears?

Ear plugs are devices used to protect the ear. Its primary function is to prevent or reduce loud noise and intrusion of foreign bodies or water inside the ears. Moreover, it also protects the ears from strong and cold wind. It is not only for loud concerts or loud noises at your workplace. It is also for waterborne activities.

Swimming ear plugs is necessary for swimmers, it is their primary prevention to swimmer’s ear. It is designed to prevent hearing damage, and humans should protect their sense of hearing.

The ear plugs are designed to have a water-tight seal in the ear canal. However, it does not totally block the sound. You can still hear the instructions of your coach and some words of encouragement cheering for you while you are still swimming.

In choosing the best swimming ear plugs for you, you can look for the ones that only blocks the least of sound. This type of ear plug is suitable for water sports where it provides protection and does not totally block sounds.


Why should you use swimming ear plugs?

Ear plugs are used by swimmers and surfers to prevent water intrusion into the auditory canal to prevent ear irritations and infections. Moreover, ear aches or perforated eardrums are prevented.

Swimmer’s ear (otitis externa) is a common condition among swimmers. Those who use swimming ear plugs decreases the amount of exposure with wind and cold water and slows the progression of swimmer’s ear.

However, divers should not use ear plugs. It is harmful for them as they breathe compressed air at a pressure that matches with the water pressure. As the pressure builds up inside the ear, it might cause the eardrum to burst. The Professional Association of Diving recommended vented ear plugs to divers, a special swimming ear plug used for diving.

It is better to protect the ears from water intrusion than to experience a painful inflammation of the ear canal. Ear plugs provide an ear protection for all types of swimming and water sport activities. Ear plugs are not recommended for divers, or swimmers who swims beyond a depth of 3 feet.

You know, being cautious will not put you into any harm.


What are the types of ear plugs?

There are different kinds of ear plugs to protect the human ears. Ear plugs are usually manufactured and made from foam, plastic, rubber, silicone, and wax.


Foam type

Most foam type ear plugs are made in bright orange. These ear plugs are molded to the shape and size of the ear. It is made of memory foam that expands when released into the ear canal.. It is usually used to reduce loud noise. However, it does not provide a barrier against water intrusion. Thus, it is not recommended for swimming.

Silicone type

Silicone ear plugs can be reshaped or molded again. The small putt fits perfectly in the outer canal of the ear and it anchors at the top of the ear. This structure secure the ear plug in place providing an accurate fit for your ears.

Most swimmers and surfers use this type of ear plugs because it provides greater comfort. For intermediate to advanced swimmers, the silicone swimming ear plugs is better than the plastic conical ear plugs.  

Moreover, silicon type ear plugs are durable, washable, and reusable. The medical-grade and pre-molded silicone are the best swimming ear plugs because it provides an effective seal against intrusion of water.

However, a disadvantage of silicone is it harbors microorganisms or foreign bodies when not properly stored. The substances are difficult to remove and may need a replacement.

Flanged or Conical type

The flanged or conical ear plugs is shaped like a tiny cone that has a graduated bands. It is made from plastics or rubbers with a wider barrier than the next which makes the water more difficult to get through.

The flanges or the cones independently seals the ear canal. If you are new to swimming, flanged or conical type is the best swimming ear plugs for a beginner in swimming. However, flanged or conical type extends like an antennae which can impede the watertight barrier of the earplug. It can prevent the swim cap to be completely pulled over the ears.

Over-the-ear type

It is the type of ear plug that covers the entire ear for maximum hearing protection. This is also called “ear muffs”. However, this type is not used for swimming. Ear muffs are used during winter or in workplaces with loud noises.

Corded ear plugs

The ear plugs is connected by a cord which is made of a water-friendly material. This is also considered as one of the best swimming ear plugs for beginners as it prevents from losing in the pool. But for advanced and competitive swimmers, they want an uncorded, discreet, and smaller ear plug that does not hinder the swimmer’s stroke in the pool.

Customized ear plugs

Custom ear plugs are made from polyurethane or memory foam. A mold is taken to so the ear plug will perfectly snug in the ear canal. It also offers a do-it-yourself kit. This custom ear plugs are used to reduce loud noises.


How to use and clean the ear plugs?

Ear plugs are not made to be used forever, the time will come that it has to be replaced with a newer one. We will provide you ways or tips on how to extend the usability of your ear plugs.

Before you use the ear plugs, it is best to practice the following:

  • Store the ear plugs in its waterproof case.
  • Put your ear plugs before your ears get wet.

The following instructions are used for cleaning a moldable and non-moldable ear plugs.

        Non-moldable Ear Plugs

  • Rinse the ear plugs with non-chlorinated water.
  • Wash the ear plugs with warm, soapy water and scrub it with a towel or a soft brush.
  • Prevent growth of mildew by drying the ear plugs thoroughly.

        Moldable Ear Plugs

  • Protect your moldable ear plugs against dirt, it is impossible to remove the contamination.
  • Before you handle the moldable ear plugs, wash your hands thoroughly.

However, swimming ear plugs are only viable for 5 uses. You should be aware that molding, exposure to sun and too much water can cause damage to the lifespan of the ear plugs.


What is the best swimming ear plugs?

Each swimmer is worried about the discomfort of ear plugs. If you constantly go into the waters, use an ear plug. There are ear plugs that does not guarantee a leak-proof seal, however, the best swimming ear plugs will surely meet your needs. It will keep your ear canals dry and avoid infection.

Blupond Swimming Ear Plugs and Nose Clip Set

This is by far the best swimming ear plugs.

Both of the ear plugs and nose clips are made from silicone. Its malleability and soft material provides the best fit for you. It directly molds into the ear canal following the outline of the ear canal.

The silicone they used are medical grade, which offers a non-toxic and allergen-free material. Those swimmers who have a sensitive ear canal can confidently use these ear plugs without worrying about getting an allergy.

It is easily adjustable for all sizes and shapes.

A set of the Blupond Swimming Ear Plugs and Nose Clip Set is perfect for a family of 3! The package includes 3 storage boxes and 1 waterproof bag. Due to its ergonomic design, the nose clips and ear plugs come in the same size but are optimized to suitably fit for an adult or a child.

How to Know it is the Best Swimming Ear Plugs?

It is best if the ear plugs are made with silicone, it does not buffer sound waves but provides a barrier to water intrusion.

You have to know that size matters. Do not disregard this factor in buying a swimming ear plugs. You have to know the accurate size to have the best fit possible. The standard size for ear plug ranges from small, medium, and large. For children and female, the small size is their preferred choice.

Moreover, you have to know that ear plugs are not only designed for water sealing. You look up for brands like Blupond that are made with watertight yet malleable materials. At the end of the day, all you want is to have an ear plugs designed for waterborne activities to have a dry ear canal.

Get a swimming ear plugs at Blupond! The set are high-quality, it provides comfort and prevention from infection. Moreover, their swimming items are offered in an affordable price.