Ultimate Road Trip Planner Guide

Long distance trips on the road? Sure, why not! Let’s do a road trip planner! It is a beauty to have long drive all alone or with your friends or family members. There is no perfect experience to witness beautiful sceneries that you will pass by during the trip. Each road trip is memorable due to the vast possibilities of the fun that will happen and the nature that you will embrace while on the trip. It is a bliss to discover the wonders of the world through road trips! That is why you have to have a road trip plan! You should ensure that you started your adventure right with the ultimate road trip planner! Before you go on the road, use the road trip planner below to prepare everything for the long trip and pack the 10 essential items that can save you in case of an emergency.  

Road Trip Planner Guide

Road trip Planner Checklist

As you set out to have an ultimate road trip, you have to follow the road trip planner. One of the gear to bring especially on winter are some of the warmest mittens. Here’s the road trip checklist to provide you wonderful and epic travels!  

   ✓  Look for the right road trip buddy!

Road trips are best when you are with your family or close friends. Long trips with the right people are fun! You might want to travel alone, but there’s this exceptional happiness when you discover beautiful sceneries with someone. Contact the ones you want to be with on your escapade and make a road trip plan with them!

   ✓  Plan a loose itinerary

This is the most awaited part of making the road trip plan! Time schedules and planned destinations are important. However, do not strictly stick with the itinerary. Road trip plans are just your guide to make the trip smooth sailing. Make it slack, make spontaneous decisions once in a while to spice the road trip once in a while. You can stop at places and do things you want without any rush. After the road trip plan, let us check the car’s condition to have a safe travel! This will be an ultimate road trip!

   ✓  The condition of the car

Before you check whether you have brought the 10 essential items that are needed for the trip, you have to check if your car is conditioned for long drives. The most priority in this road trip checklist is safety. It will not be an ultimate road trip if the car is not in good condition.Check for your car’s battery and fuel level. Do not also forget to check whether the headlights, interior lights, indicators, horn, brakes, windscreen wipers, engine oil, transmission fluid, and antifreeze. This will always be the first thing to mark in the road trip checklist.

This evaluates whether you are ready for the long, ultimate road trip!Spare tire and roadside emergency kits should be checked whether the items are in good condition and complete, these items are essential for any possibility that might happen.After you have found the right person to travel with, planned the whole trip, and checked the car’s condition–there are 10 essential items that you should bring on your road trip. The road trip checklist includes you to have the 10 essential items.

10 Essential Items for the road trip!

Here are the top 10 recommended items to bring with you for your road trip.

   ✓  First Aid Kit and Emergency Tool Box

In the road trip planner, these two items are the most important to bring in every road trips! You should be prepared to deal with minor inconvenience along the road. If you have a personal medication, bring enough number of medicines that will last with your entire travel. Moreover, have a list of emergency numbers for the local emergency services or roadside assistance.If you plan to have a road trip during the winter season or going to a high altitude, do not forget to bring a shovel!

   ✓  Travel Bag

You do not need to worry if you should bring a lightweight travel bag or not, because you have a car. However, you still have to choose the right luggage that is sturdy, versatile, and big enough to accommodate all of the things you need.

   ✓  Smartphone

This item will never be out of the list in every road trip planner. Everyone has this personal item. It is best to keep up with the people you left at home through social media, they can see what you have enjoyed during your trip. Aside from communication, smartphones are the new navigator guide. There are apps that can help you navigate around. Do not forget to download trip maps! Moreover, you can take a quick picture with your smartphone.DO NOT FORGET YOUR PHONE CHARGER! It is also best to have a car phone charger, but if you do not have one, bring a power bank!

   ✓  Camera

There are things you will come across that are new and interesting to you. You do not want to miss the best memories, don’t you? Capture it with a good camera! You need a camera based on your photography and technical skills. It is you who knows what kind of camera that you need. Nevertheless, a good camera needs to have a spare memory card, too!

   ✓  Travel Pillow

Road trips are long, you have to be comfortable on those long trips! Travel pillows can help you have a comfortable nap. Look for a soft and strong travel pillow that can provide enough neck support!

   ✓  Travel Clothes

It is such a hassle in deciding which travel clothes you should pack! You get confused about which matching outfits, jackets, and accessories you should bring. Moreover, you only need to pack the needed clothes. You might want to include the following to your capsule wardrobe:

  • Lightweight clothes
  • Long Sleeve shirts
  • Sweaters or jackets
  • Tank tops or t-shirts
  • Pants or shorts
  • Pajamas or sleepwear
  • Underwears
  • Sun visor
Road Trip Planner Guide travel essential items

Aside from getting confused about what to bring for your travel, you should also think of comfortable driving clothes! Get something you are comfortable with because you will spend most of the time inside the car, maybe a sweatpants or leggings, and a loose and breathable shirt.

   ✓  Toiletries

This is the obvious and ultimate checklist for travel toiletries:

  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Dental floss
  • Deodorant
  • Sunscreen
  • Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Wet wipes
  • Facial wash
  • Tweezers
  • Mini mirror

   ✓  Water and Water Bottles

You should be hydrated during the long trip. Long trips might cause you oxygen deprivation due to air shifts, to compensate you have to increase your fluid intake. You definitely do not want to drink poorly filtered water, don’t you? Thus, bring water bottles so that you can refill during stopovers!

   ✓  Food

Do not forget to pack some snacks beforehand! You do not like to be hangry (hungry and angry) during the road trip! Or, you might not want to have greasy foods from fast food chains. It is also cheaper than buying at stopovers. Thus, pack some healthy sandwiches, fruits, or granola bars, these can surely satisfy you.

   ✓  Sunglasses

When you head out the door, it is important not to forget your sunglasses! The UV rays are harmful to the human eyes, and you will be exposed on too much sunlight during your daytime driving. Thus, having a pair of sunglasses is important as applying sunscreen!However, how can you tell that you already have the appropriate pair of sunglasses? First, you have to check whether it protects your eyes from the harmful UV-A and UV-B glasses. Also, pick a polarized lens for anti-glare. Other than its function, you should also opt for a nice design. Since this is a road trip, invest in styles like the knight visor, fit over, or the chopper glasses.

Night Glasses Road Trip Sunglasses

If you do not have a pair of sunglasses yet, we recommend you the BLUPOND Day/Night Driving Glasses Set – Knight Visor! The long travel might take you from day to night, thus, to complete your road trip checklist, we recommend the 2-in-1 driving glasses. This can be the perfect sunglasses for you! It is admirably the best pair for daytime and nighttime sunglasses.

What is a must have sunglasses?

It is a set of two driving glasses, the yellow tinted lens is used for nighttime driving, while the copper tinted lens is best for daytime driving! Both of these glasses are made with high-quality lenses that protect you from UV rays during the day and enhance your vision during the night. The driving glasses go with a knight visor design. Its semi-rimless design that is supported by an aluminum-magnesium frame upholds an incredibly durable sunglass! It offers UV400 protection to protect the eyes from the damaging UV radiation, the lens is also polarized to reduce glares. Its TAC combined with polycarbonate that helps to conserve the yellow tint. Moreover, this combination makes the lens shatterproof. Thus, getting these sunglasses does not only give you protection but also a durable and long lasting sunglasses!  

DO NOT FORGET: A Friendly Reminder

  When you leave your house for the road trip, be sure you have arranged with a neighbor that you will be away for a few days. Do not forget to turn off power switches that are unnecessary, set the burglar alarm, and lock everything up! Moreover, do not forget about the license and registration of the car, as well as your driver’s license should not be left at home. You also have to provide a copy of the insurance policy and relevant contact numbers, in case you might need it. Check if you have brought everything you need before going out! We do not know what can happen along the road!  

Are you ready to make your road trip planner?

Did you follow the road trip planner? Now, are you ready to hit the road? If you still miss some things on the road trip checklist, conform to it to avoid inconveniences during the trip. Other than that, if you still do not have the appropriate sunglasses for your road trip, feel free to visit Blupond!Make sure you followed the road trip checklist to enjoy your ultimate road trip! Enjoy your long trip and make new memories!

Road Trip Planner Guide and checklist

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