Knight Visor Blupond Night Driving Glasses has polarized lenses. Knight Visor Blupond Night Driving Glasses was inspired from italian design. This Knight Visor Blupond Night Driving Glasses comes with bundled accessories.



Designed to neutralize harsh lights, flashes and environmental elements, our yellow-tinted, polarized lenses protect your eyes at all times, keeping you safe on and off the road. Keep your field of vision crystal clear with our Knight Visor Driving & Outdoor Sports Glasses. When your vision is compromised by harsh environmental elements, our Knight Visor Driving Glasses provide the highest level of clarity for your line of sight. With your utmost satisfaction in mind, we have designed a stylish, complete glasses case package, built to last, to accommodate nearly any and all of your eyewear. Designed to fit almost any size glasses; use the internal dimensions provided for reference. From sports / driving sunglasses, to reading glasses, BLUPOND’s hard EVA protective carrying case is sure to be your perfect eyewear companion.


Night driving can produce challenges for new or even experienced drivers. Most traffic accidents happen at night.


At night your vision is more limited. Headlight glares from oncoming traffic can further inhibit visual clarity, and cause your eyes to become fatigued.


Many drivers don’t have their headlights adjusted properly and dust from their headlight lenses can cause light to defract, producing glares that can easily blind you momentarily.

Knight Visor Premium Anti Glare Night Driving Glasses

Will Help You See Better At Night!

By minimizing hazardous and distracting lights and flashes,
our Knight Visor provides you with visual safety and keeping your eye fatigue to a minimum

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Premium Anti Glare Night Driving Glasses Knight Visor


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Yellow Tint Lenses for HD Clarity & Safety Enhance your street vision with the most advanced Anti-Glare technology for Night Vision. Protect your eyes from harsh environmental elements, such as unexpected reflections, bright headlights, and the sun’s harmful rays. Our Yellow Tint Lenses are a 7-layer composite system, complying with international UV400 sunglasses standards, designed to cut and diffuse harmful light, for an enhanced vivid outdoor experience.

$48 Only $28.40




Featuring Semi-Rimless Frames the KNIGHT VISOR Glasses Provide you a Larger Field of View. With HD Yellow Tinted Lenses for Blue Light Polarization, These glasses are ideal for driving at night and at dusk. Made from the strongest materials with durable metal construction and reinforced hinges together with polycarbonate shatterproof lenses and a protective coating. Weighing in at just 35 grams, due to our super-light and ultra-thin polarized lenses.


In addition to our KNIGHT VISOR glasses, when purchasing these glasses you will get an EVA protective sports case, sunglasses pouch, microfiber cleaning cloth, screwdriver, 10$ value car clip holder to hang your glasses safely in your car and BLUPOND’S extended warranty card.

$48 Only $28.40








To begin with, this product is interesting for me as I work at night and am straining my eyes. I want to have glasses to reduces the glare so I get better sleep quality. Also, there is my wife who drives at night and I occasionally back her up so we can share them in the car.
 So, I read the reviews here and wanted to give a review of two things people were often questioning 1) if it is polarized or not, and 2) if it reduces glare. Moreover, to test polarization, I don’t have the professional equipment to do so, but you can test it on a computer screen. Furthermore, I rotated the glasses on the screen to see if they change color / hue. If they do, that means they are polarized. If they don’t change color – that means they are not polarized. To compare it with non-polarized glasses. I had a set of those too. So, this confirms that these glasses are polarized. In addition, I wanted to test if it reduces glare. Most noteworthy, these glasses are not meant to eliminate glare. So, the point of these glasses is to be able to drive at night or work at night. And if it eliminated glare, it would be too strong of a darkness that it would not let you see important lights ahead of you like brake lights and oncoming traffic. So, this test was done by using my camera phone and take photos of a lamp which had glare. I set the camera to normal mode so that the camera won’t auto-adjust to reduce glare or other effects. Secondly, I took a photo of the light (lamp) with the glasses and also one without the glasses. Then, I put the photos with the glasses and without the glasses in the video review. You can see if it’s reducing glare. Also, you can see more details inside the light’s lamp frame and surrounding area. Hence, it seems to reduce glare by 20-30%. It isn’t fully eliminating it, but the product isn’t meant to fully eliminate, simply reduce it. Therefore, I didn’t notice any loss of light transmission. So, I could still see the light in the lamp or other light sources while wearing the glasses. In addition, these glasses are helpful becauset they are polarized glasses. Which also reduce glare and still allow light transmission for night driving and working on your computer in the evening. While using the glasses, you will still notice annoying oncoming traffic on highways at night. Also, it will reduce those effects and allow you to see cars and brake lights ahead of you. Finally, I hope this gives you a good overview of the product. I use it regularly for working on my computer at night.


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Knight Visor Night Driving Glasses

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The quality and customer support is superb!


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Premium Anti Glare Night Driving Glasses Knight Visor

$48 Only $28.40


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