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Featuring semi-rimless Italian design frames for optimal visibility and blue-light polarized yellow lenses to protect your eyes from harmful blue light in any setting or environment. 



Whether fighting traffic or weathering the elements, headlight glare and distracting reflections can pose serious safety hazards when driving at night. Many people have trouble driving at night due to bright flashes and glares on the road. This is caused by harmful blue light from LED headlights and streetlights. Consequently over time, which can damage the eye and cause headaches, blurred vision, and even lead to an increased risk of diabetes and heart disease.

With the increased presence of digital devices throughout our world, and the advancement of brighter and stronger LED headlights and streetlights, come many side effects which oftentimes impair vision and create even bigger health problems. Researchers have found that harmful Blue Light emission from smartphones, tablets, computers, and most light sources on the road at night, can cause serious eye damage and in the long term even life threatening diseases.

How wearing night driving glasses can help in protecting your eyes and health?

Driving at night can be a challenging task for new or even experienced drivers; the highest crash rates occur at nighttime. The reason is that at night our vision is more limited and glare from headlights of other vehicles can temporarily blind you. Knight Visor Driving Glasses offer a solution to this problem and give you an INSTANT visual clarity by filtering harmful light and significantly reducing glare at night.

The facts behind the science.

In a low-light condition, such as night-time or during rain storms, the human eye becomes more sensitive and susceptible to radical optical situations. It results in visual impairments that caused due to higher contrast of bright and blue lights. Using polarized night vision glasses could mitigate or even completly neutralize this negative effect. Many people at ages between 20 – 70 experience Digital eye strain, what is also known as Glare-Discomfort or Photophobia. Symptoms of this phenomena may include headaches, blurred vision, fatigue, irritated eyes, vertigo or dizziness, sleep disorders, macular degeneration, and even increased risk of heart diseases, diabetes, depression, and certain types of cancer. While the human eye naturally works to keep out most harmful light, Blue Light within the 460 nm to 1400 nm range bypass the lens and cornea, and are absorbed by the macula, thereby damaging it.

Simple physics of optical principles.

Knight Visor prescription night driving glasses
Knight Visor prescription night driving glasses


Within this hazardous range are light from nearly all digital electronics and most modern headlights and streetlights. For years, field researchers have worked to find a solution to this problem, yet their answers have time and again been either too expensive or too dangerous with their unintended side effects. Night vision goggles cost a fortune, and fashion night glasses with strong blue light filters can over-distort vision, making them unsafe for night driving.

5 Proven Benefits of the Knight Visor Night Driving Glasses.

  • Provides eye protection at night, while maintaining sufficient light transmission, to allow full visibility, by utilizing a TAC transparent lens, with a special yellow coating. 
  • Protecting your eyes from UV/UVB lights and other harmful rays.
  • Blue light Polarization – Filters harmful blue ray emission from oncoming headlights with 4K-6K LED.
  • Yellow Sight Transformation – Balances glares and strong lights by transforming colors to yellow, the most balanced color for the human eye.
  • Reducing Glare – Although you should not expect to notice any difference in glare (due to the natural adjusting mechanisms of the human eye), we have recorded up to 25% glare reduction through lab tests utilizing light meter devices.





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BLUPOND has taken on the challenge of addressing serious health conditions which affects millions of people around the world.
Many experience difficulty driving at night, and whose vision is impaired from headlight glare, due to eye sensitivity and diseases such as cataracts and macular degeneration. While standard sunglasses function to filter harmful rays during the day, challenges in night vision optics are much more complex. In order to to filter harmful lights while maintaining clear vision, sufficient light must be permitted to reach the eye when conditions are dark and sight is limited.

Challenging as this may be, and while there is no solution free from compromise, BLUPOND has invested much heart, resources, and years of research and development into uncovering the most cost effective solution to sufficiently improve your night viewing experience. After hundreds of experiments and lab tests with different lens compositions, colors, and coating configurations, we have found a solution which provides immediate improvement to night vision and eye protection 85% of the time.

We have integrated this solution with a sleek, modern design, using high quality materials, to provide better night vision through a fashionable sunglasses experience.


At BLUPOND we have developed a whole new kind of solution. Through intense lab studies, and by mirroring the light spectrum of the human eye, we have found that not only does yellow work to filter out harmful Blue Light from the human eye, but yellow is the optimal equalizer, causing less stress on the eye than any other color. Studies show that it is impossible to see Blue Light if it has been blocked.

Since protecting your eye from harmful Blue Light is our top priority, transforming your vision to yellow through our Signature Yellow lenses is proof that you will not be harmed by dangerous Blue Light whenever you wear your KNIGHT VISOR glasses.

When filtering oncoming glare, flashes, and even lights that may not bother you as much, from your smartphone or tablet, through our yellow-tinted KNIGHT VISOR with blue light polarization, we strive to limit distortion, while acknowledging that some distortion is scientifically necessary in order to shield you from Blue Light.

While some testify that their KNIGHT VISOR glasses do help with glare while driving at night, we know that everyone’s eyes are different and glare reduction can be subjective. Therefore we are proud to protect you from harmful Blue Light, noticed or unnoticed – set your sights to yellow today with KNIGHT VISOR by BLUPOND.


Night Driving Glasses

Designed to neutralize harsh lights, flashes and environmental elements, our yellow-tinted, polarized lenses protect your eyes at all times, keeping you safe on and off the road.

Keep your field of vision crystal clear with our Knight Visor Driving & Outdoor Sports Glasses. When your vision is compromised by harsh environmental elements, our Knight Visor Driving Glasses provide the highest level of clarity for your line of sight.

With your utmost satisfaction in mind, we have designed a stylish, complete glasses case package, built to last, to accommodate nearly any and all of your eyewear. Designed to fit almost any size glasses; use the internal dimensions provided for reference. From sports / driving sunglasses, to reading glasses, BLUPOND’s hard EVA protective carrying case is sure to be your perfect eyewear companion.

TAC UV 400 Lenses

Set your sights to YELLOW with our TAC Semi Polarized Yellow-Tinted KNIGHT VISOR – designed to transform your vision to the most balanced yellow view, with blue-light polarization.

Working to protect your eyes from harmful Blue Light, we aim to reduce the contrast from bright blue and white glares and flashes for a more vivid nighttime drive.

Shield your eyes from digital devices and bright headlights’ Blue Light emission, and from harsh environmental elements with our 100% UV400 KNIGHT VISOR.

Rest assured with the incredibly durable, metal frame construction of your new KNIGHT VISOR. Built to last amidst inevitable drops and dings. Intuitively designed semi-rimless frames for a larger field of sight with minimal distortion + polycarbonate, shatterproof, yellow-tinted lenses with blue light neutralization, does all the work and lets you keep your eyes on the road at all times.

night vision glasses yellow tinted lenses
Polarized night driving glasses

Lightweight Italian Design

The optimal form factor for maximum comfort and wearability. The KNIGHT VISOR glasses designed to be worn hours on end, effortlessly and with ease. Leave the stress and headaches behind, with our ultra-thin, super-light semi-polarized lenses, complete with integrated nose pads and our rubberized support system for added security.

Weighing in at just 26 grams, you’ll never want to take these babies off!

Sleek and stylish, to be worn on or off the road, our timeless, classic Italian design exudes ingenuity and innovation. A fashion statement fit for both men and women, no matter the occasion. Take your night driving, sports, and outdoor adventuring to new heights with your all new KNIGHT VISOR – available in 4 color ways: Black, Titanium, Gold or Brown.

best glasses for night driving blupond knight visor
driving sunglasses for day time and nighttime

Designed with Your Active Lifestyle in Mind.

best anti glare night driving glasses
polarized anti glare sunglasses
Blupond Shooting Glasses polarized anti glare lens
best sunglasses for driving day and night
aafter cataract surgery night driving

Bundled Accessories

In addition to your new KNIGHT VISOR you will receive a Complementary Accessory Set, complete with our EVA protective sports case, Screwdriver for minor adjustments, Sunglasses pouch, Microfiber cleaning cloth, Glasses clip for convenient car storage, and Gift box. The total package to keep you active and ready anywhere you go.

Our 6 in 1 Bundle Includes:

1 x Pair of Knight Visor Glasses
1 x EVA Carrying Case
1 x Cleaning Cloth
1 x Protective Pouch
1 x Mini Screwdriver
1 x Car Visor Clip Holder
All Packed in BLUPOND’s Fancy Gift Box. 


Tested & Proven Solution for Night Driving, Computer and Safety.


With our camera set to MANUAL, we took one picture of the glaring headlight, as seen by the naked eye. Then we took a second photo  of the headlight through the filter of the KNIGHT VISOR lens. Comparing the two photos, you can definitely see some glare reduction


Using a light meter, we detect an average decrease of up to 25% in glare transmitted, when filtered through the Knight Visor lens. The KNIGHT VISOR yellow lens simultaneously functions to permit sufficient light to maintain nearly full visibility.


LED screens confirm the KNIGHT VISOR lens polarization, as the screen’s color changes as the glasses rotate. Some glare reduction can also be seen, as the screen’s contrast is enhanced and harsh whites are turned to yellow

Test Polarized Sunglasses from BLUPOND


A: While lab tests prove that KNIGHT VISOR works to reduce glare, some cannot detect any difference in glare due to differences in the individual eye anatomy. The KNIGHT VISOR nevertheless functions to filter out some harmful radiation. If you are expecting a solution for visible, total glare reduction, please do not purchase these glasses.
A: Our KNIGHT VISOR glasses are blue light polarized, and filter harmful blue light by transforming your field of vision to yellow. This means that you may notice a reduction in harmful and dangerous glare by up to 30%, but you should not expect them to eliminate all glare.
A: You may or may not see a difference in glare, as the composition of the human eye is complex and varies person to person. Everyone’s eye detects glare differently, with or without a yellow lens. Lab tests prove that KNIGHT VISOR blocks harmful blue light, and may reduce eye strain depending on your eye anatomy.
A: It’s simple! To see that your KNIGHT VISOR are polarized, follow these steps: Turn on your phone screen– set it to its brightest setting Hold your KNIGHT VISOR between your phone and your eyes – view your phone through the lenses Rotate your KNIGHT VISOR up to 90 degrees Notice the colors change – that’s polarization!

What you should expect from your KNIGHT VISOR Night Driving Glasses?

Our TAC transparent lenses with a special yellow coating permit sufficient light transmission for full visibility and a safe night driving experience.
Since our lenses are blue-light polarized, they work to filter out harmful blue light rays, from oncoming headlights with 4K-6K LED. As the Knight Visor glasses turn everything in your sight to yellow, no harmful blue light is reaching your eye. Whether you notice a reduce in glare or not, the yellow view proves the Knight Visors are working for you.

Yellow Sight Transformation – Our Knight Visor glasses utilize the most balanced color for the human eye: yellow.

This yellow hue transforms everything in your sight, balancing strong, glaring lights and flashes, by changing them to yellow, thus shielding you from harmful blue light.
Possible Glare Reduction – Glare reduction may or may not be noticeable with any night driving glasses. The naturally adapting mechanisms of the human eye function differently for different people, depending on age, health, and other factors. We have recorded a decrease of up to 25% glare reduction, through lab tests utilizing light meter devices. Some of our customers have reported an obvious difference in glare, as well as improved night vision. However, everyone’s experience is different, as the effects of a yellow lens depends upon many factors, such as genetics and the anatomy of the individual eye.


Knight Visor glasses Do Not Claim to provide a solution to eliminate all glare, or making you see as well at night as you do during the day. Note that extended use is required in order to notice any changes, and to enjoy the benefits provided by your new Knight Visor glasses.

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