Sports Glasses Strap Accessory for Eyeglasses and Sunglasses

Our BLUPOND multi-functional Anti-Slip Silicone Glasses Holder is included for providing protection to our glasses. This contains microfiber cloth sports strap, soft pouch and for the price of one! This is the only accessory that you need to keep your eyewear safe and secure. It can be used in various ways since it is made of a lanyard material.

It is our responsibility to take care of the glasses that are specifically engineered to help us finish the activities we do clearly. Shop sports glasses strap accessory for eyeglasses. Anti slip elastic design sunglasses holder. Get the best deal for the price of only $14.97 with free shipping.

materials of BLUPOND Sports Sunglasses Strap


Why do we need Sports Glasses Strap Holder?

When we find the glasses we need for our sports, driving, reading, or whatever activity we do; we have to protect them so that our eyewear will also continue to protect us in return. As we have talked about, one way to protect our sunglasses we should not leave them anywhere. It is at risk for scratch, damage, or being stolen and lost. When we wear our glasses when driving, playing our favorite sport, or doing our usual activities, there is a possibility that it will slip off your face. It would be nice to give someone this perfect gift present if you know someone, maybe a family or a friend who always drop and break their eyeglasses.

That is why eyeglasses manufacturers made Anti Slip Silicone Glasses Strap Holder and Sports Eyeglasses Hook. These eyewear strap and holder is the ideal way to keep sunglasses at all times. These eyeglasses straps will keep your frame close at hand without losing their style. Eyewear Anti Slip Accessories are useful when your glasses are loose and keep on slipping, more so if you have an active lifestyle. So, consider protecting your eyeglasses with our best quality eyewear accessories.

Steps on How to Use Eyewear Retainer?

  1. Choose an Anti Slip Silicone Glasses Strap Holder that has enough length to fit comfortably around your neck. The length should also accommodate enough that your eyewear can hang along your head. The safest length your eyeglasses should hang is at least halfway down from your chest.
  2. Before you attach the anti-slip bands, place the frame down on a flat surface. Placing the glasses upward can cause breaking and bending because of the applied pressure.
  3. Open and slip the eyewer strap onto the end of the arms of the eyeglasses. There are eyeglass anti-slip bands that have pockets at the end, perfectly snug the pocket around the arms of the eyeglasses.
  4. To give a justification for its purpose, slip the glasses strap with the attached frame over your head. Let the anti-slip bands rest around your neck and your eyeglasses on your chest. When you put on your eyewear, there is a portion of the strap that remains around your neck. When you do not wear your eyeglasses, it will dangle down to your chest from the anti-slip band.

Do your glasses slip? Adjust it.

In some instances, our eyeglasses do not perfectly fit behind our ears or it is high enough on the face. This means our glasses need adjustment. Adjust the nose pads by grabbing it with your index finger and thumb, and gently bend it to avoid damaging the nose pads. However, some who have plastic frames cannot adjust their nose pads.

Other than the nose pads, the temples are the most common part to be adjusted. There are some bits of advice that use hair dryers to adjust the temple of the eyewear. The high heat of the frame will make the earpiece bendable. Of course, who wants to damage their eyewear just to snugly fit it to their face? Before you try that, try buying an Anti Slip Silicone Glasses Strap Holder. These eyeglasses holder will prevent your favorite pair of eyewear from slipping.

BLUPOND Sports Sunglasses Strap compared other brands

BLUPOND Anti Slip Sports Glasses Elastic Neck Strap

We should only buy the best and high-quality products from a trusted brand for our eyes. Having said that, Blupond is dedicated to expanding your limits. Thus, they promote highly engineered gears that can help enhance your performance. They believe that your performance will be enhanced with their Anti-Slip Silicone eyewear Strap Holder and Sports Eyeglasses Hook.

it provides additional stability for sports and activities at work. The anti-slip system of Blupond has 3 Sports Eyeglasses Hook and 1 Anti Slip Silicone Glasses Strap Holder. Its package also includes a waterproof bag and storage boxes. These eyeglasses holders are easy to attach and adjustable for all ages.

Sunglasses Case Accessories

Features of Sunglasses Lanyard Adjustable Accessory

  • It is 100% Silicone. You do not have to worry when you are sweating, reading a book, or gardening. The material of Blupond Anti Slip Silicone Glasses Strap Holder and Sports Eyeglasses Hook surely secures your frame iin place. It holds the eyeglasses firmly from constantly slipping or sliding preventing it from falls and breaks.
  • It made from medical grade silicone. This graded silicone is the best, why? Because it is the most comfortable secure fit and the safest to use. Its materials are 100% allergen-free and non-toxic. You do not have to worry when you are sweating, it does not alleviate stress and sore.
  • Perfectly engineered design. Blupond Accessories are carefully designed and made with silicone that never turns solid or yellow over time. It does not impair the user’s performance because it only weighs 20 grams. Moreover, the dimensions of the eyeglasses strap are 3 cm x 5 cm x 20.5 cm.
  • Fits for everyone. You do not need to worry about the size and type of glasses. The product is designed for men and women; adults and children. You can easily attach and adjust the silicone ear hooks & bands.
  • Additional accessories inside the package. When you purchase the Blupond anti-slip system, there are useful accessories included in the package. It includes 1 set of Anti Slip Silicone Glasses Strap Holder, 3 sets of Sports Eyeglasses Hook, 3 storage boxes, and 1 silver waterproof bag.

With BLUPOND surely knows what you need, they provide you with an ultimate combination of glasses strap and frame holder to secure your sunglasses. The mentioned features are the perfect combination of durability and the right level of elasticity. You would surely enjoy your activity without worrying about your eyewear slipping throughout the day.

Eyeglasses Strap Cord Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the most asked questions by BLUPOND customers. Feel free to read some good stuff from our articles from the blog section to read more about sports and night sunglasses. Additionally, you can ask us if you have some questions regarding our products.

What are the different types of glasses holder?

There are 3 main parts for anti slip eyeglasses holder for eyeglasses. Mainly, these are the following.

  1. Tip Sleeve: the anti-slip silicone ear sleeve covers from the tip of the eyeglasses’ arm to its curve. It provides friction behind the ear to hold the glasses effectively.
  2. Tip Hooks: these are movable silicone hooks that can be positioned wherever you like. It hugs at the back of the ears to secure the frame without tugging your hair.
  3. Slip Grips: this version is for those who do not like behind the ear hooks. It is a small round clip that is easy to slide and hide. Furthermore, this type of sunglasses holder works best with medium-sized frames.

How to Clean Glasses Neck Strap Retainer?

  1. When you clean your glasses strap and sunglasses holder, you need to prepare a vinegar, bleach, and alcohol wipes. These anti-slip accessories are in contact with sweat, dirt, and makeup which harbors bacteria. Remember, bacterias can result in infection if it enters broken skin.
  2. Do not let someone borrow your anti-slip bands or anti-slip silicone ear hooks. Wash the anti-slip accessories with alcohol as it quickly dries. Also, you can submerge it in vinegar or bleach for five minutes and alcohol wipes to wipe the residues. This practice will surely kill most of the bacteria.

uses of sunglasses retainers

Best Glasses Strap for Basketball

Just like what is introduced in this article, the advantages of having a frame holder or glasses strap for sports is important. Thus, it is advisable to use anti-slip retainer to wear on your eyeglasses like when playing Basketball. It will provide comfort and ease of mind no matter the activity and occasion. You can move freely when you do your favorite sport, hobby, or other outdoor activities. The ear hooks prevent your eyeglasses from slipping increasing your comfort and enhancing your performance.

Where to buy Sports Glasses Strap Product?

You can conveniently purchase Anti Slip Silicone Eyeglasses Strap Holder and Sports Eyeglasses Hook through online at Amazon Store or from Ebay resellers. Additionally, feel welcome to visit our BLUPOND shop to choose other accessories apart from our anti-slip system. You will not regret buying any of our products, as all of them undergo quality inspection standards. We also provide an unlimited 15% discount on the next orders, by joining our VIP program after you received your first BLUPOND product. You can reach us to know more about this.

Anti-Slip Silicone Eyeglasses Ear Hook

First off, Blupond holds the concept of high-quality sports equipment and accessories that provides you more comfort. This is to enhance an athlete’s performance and expand their limits. It is in their understanding that a eyeglasses holder is a necessity to withstand the lifestyle of an outdoor person.

This will be your favorite sunglasses holder when you drive, read, do sports, and other outdoor activities. If you are looking for a perfect gift, the Blupond’s Anti Slip Silicone Glasses Strap Holder and Sports Eyeglasses Hook would be the best choice!

BLUPOND Sports Glasses Strap Accessory for Eyeglasses and Sunglasses

Adjustable Glasses Strap for Sports

It is compatible with most types of glasses and designed to fit for both men and women, children and adults. This can be the perfect accessory to your favorite eyewear! An easy to attach and adjust frame holder that can provide a reliable and secure hold to your eyewear. With the Blupond Silicone Ear Hooks & Bands, you will surely enjoy its stability and elasticity.

You will effortlessly play your sport without worrying about your glasses slipping. How about you, will you purchase the Anti Slip Silicone Sports Glasses Strap Holder and Sunglasses Retainer?

BLUPOND Sports Glasses Strap Accessory for Eyeglasses and Sunglasses

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