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10 Important Tips for Driving at Night – BLUPOND Fit Over Sunglasses

10 Important Tips for Driving at Night

Here are 10 Important Tips for Driving at Night Better Some driving rules to follow to be able to make nighttime stroll an enjoyable experience. Driving at night has always been challenging to many people and they confide with the use of Fit Over Sunglasses. It requires extra caution when compared to driving during the day. Even if you are not tired, the road gets much different as you drive through at night. But do not be discouraged if you feel driving at night is difficult because with a few modifications to your automobile and some driving rules to follow you will be able to make driving at night an enjoyable experience.

This is what makes it a difficult task for some individuals. Note that there has been much advancement made in a bid to make night driving less cumbersome. Also, that is why Fit Over Sunglasses have become so popular among drivers. This has come in the form of night driving glasses. With night vision glasses and a few modifications to your car you can make night driving far better. Below are highlights of some of these tips including acquiring night driving glasses. Check out our most popular and top rated night driving glasses – the “Knight Visor”.

How to improve vision tips for driving at night?

Road accidents happens everyday, particularly at night. So, proper precautions needs to be done especially when driving at nighttime. There are a lot of reason behind it. But in most cases, it would be due to poor vision while driving which is avoidable. While, on other cases, these road accidents happended during the night are caused by the following.

  • poor vision
  • sleepy driving
  • drunk
  • overspeeding
  • brake malfunction
  • slippery road
  • wrong estimation / out of control

Prescription Glasses and Fit Over Sunglasses

Now, like what we have mentioned. Poor vision while driving can be avoided to reduce glares and halos from streets and incoming cars from opposite direction. That is ofcourse with the help of night driving glasses. These sunglasses are designed particularly to adapt and balance the light. Allowing only the right amount of contrast that our eyes needs to see clearly from dusk till dawn.

Millions of people have taken advantage of night vision glasses to improve their ability to drive at night. The need for Fit Over Sunglasses for prescription glasses wearers have also been in demand. These glasses can help with night myopia (a poor night vision of distant objects). Most people who drive at night have trouble seeing runways and other vehicles. Now, let’s get down to our 10 Important Tips for Driving at Night Better.

Following the 10 Important Tips for Driving at Night

Drive safely by following these 10 Important Tips for Driving at Night. We only live once so we have to be careful as much as we can. Accidents can happen anywhere and in an unexpected time. So, we should not be harmed when we drive through the night lights. For as long as we follow these 10 ways to guide you on how to deal with difficulty on night blindness when driving.

1. Get a Pair of Night Vision Glasses

First on our Tips for Driving at Night. Wear glasses for night blindness driving. Glares and excessive light are a nightmare to nighttime drivers. To combat this issue. We have the best option to wear anti glare night glasses. Consider wearing stronger prescription glasses at night or acquiring night driving glasses for better vision. Even if you are on prescription glasses while driving. Accessories are available online to purchase. The following products below are the best option we can suggest. It is recommended to wear authentic polarized sunglasses like the ones from trusted brand.

Blupond Fit Over Sunglasses

Blupond Fitovers or commonly known as fit over sunglasses are meant to be worn together with your prescription glasses. The flip up function makes it easy for it’s users to adjust. You can flip up the fitovers if you want to read something. Or let’s say you pulled over then you have to text someone. So, you don’t need to take them off. Just flip up then flip down when you need them again. So, these are like flexible safety goggles that can fit over prescription glasses.

Blupond Fit Over Sunglasses Flip up Lenses
Blupond Fit Over Sunglasses Flip up Lenses

Knight Visor – Blupond Night Vision Driving Sunglasses

We always look for cheap polarized sunglasses. But, our eyes deserves only one of the top rated night driving glasses in the market today. You can conveniently buy it online and prder it to be deilvered internationally. As our worldwide partner couriers have global ports in almost every region.

Experts and Opthalmologist (eye doctors) have proven that Knight Visor – Blupond Night Vision Driving Sunglasses is one of the best prescription glasses for night driving.

2. Aim your Head Lights Correctly

Second on our Tips for Driving at Night. It has been found that vehicle headlights even those of brand new automobiles are uneven sometimes or pointed lower than required. So it is worth the effort to place or aim them correctly before driving at night. If you choose to do it yourself, follow the owner’s manual instructions. Be patient as it might take a few attempts before you can successfully point them accurately on the road. Just make sure that your newly aimed head lights are not hampering or blinding incoming cars from opposite direction.

Use Fit Over Sunglasses against Headlights Focus Tips for driving at night

Note that lights that are aimed accurately can also cast a dim glow on incoming traffic (if there is something blocking the light). So ,ensure you clean the road grime on your headlights as often as possible. If your car is older with plastic lens covers, the covers may have turned yellow or faded after many years. The best way to handle this is to buy headlight polish kit and use it to remove the haze on your headlights. Confirm that your front lights produce the exact amount of light they did when new after cleaning.  

3. Adjust your Mirrors

Third on our Tips for Driving at Night. Side mirrors and rear mirrors are important to get a 360 vision around your car. So, it’s crucial to adjust them to the right angle. You can flip your inner mirror so as to reduce the glare behind you from headlights of other vehicles at night. You can also do the same thing for your side mirrors. By taking your driver side mirror down slightly while driving at night, you improve your chances to enjoy night driving.

Adjust mirrors Tip to Drive Better at Night

This also means that you do not have to lean forward to get a better view when changing lanes. It also makes sure that the car at your back isn’t blinding you. Your mirrors are a very important part of your car to make sure you don’t hit them which are from your blind spots.

4. Make Sure your Windshields are Clean

Fourth on our Tips for Driving at Night. Auto-parts stores sell or supply headlight and windshield cleaning kits. Tools that can help to clean out the age-related dirt that forms on the shields cover over time on your headlights and your windshield as well. This cleaning kit can include a polishing compound and foam pad. Ensuring your windshield is kept clean may seem like common sense. However, having a clean windshield for your vehicle, makes a big difference when it comes to driving comfortably at night.

Clean windshield together with using Fit Over Sunglasses

It should not just be the outside of your windshield you clean. You have to clean the inner side as well. Chances are, you may have touched your windshield with your hand while wiping off condensation during the winter season or little water has pooled up on it. When a windshield is slightly smeared, it makes it much difficult to see oncoming lights at night.

5. Dim your Dash Lights

Fifth on our Tips for Driving at Night. Most cars in this era come with dimmer switches for dashboards for a reason. If you are driving at night with your dash lights on maximum, you may compromise your forward vision. Rally drivers and endurance racers take nighttime driving seriously by covering their dashboards with a dark felt to avoid any stray reflections. While you may not do that in a regular car, try to turn down the brightness of your dash lights. Additionally, do not leave the map lights on.

Dim your Dash Lights and wear Fit Over Sunglasses

The reason is that the less-expensive interior lights can disperse light over the interior which can shine into your eyes and affect your judgment when driving at night. Most luxury vehicles come with focused reading lights which pinpoint objects and doesn’t cause any glare. The ideal rule for a safe map light is that the source of light should never be seen through the driver’s seat. So as good as map lights might be, it is best to avoid having them on when driving at night.

6. Don’t drive if tired, drunk or sleepy

Sixth on our Tips for Driving at Night. It is dangerous to keep driving if not physically ready. Your body can give up on you on the midst of driving. Resulting to lose control and crash into something. Ending up in serious trouble. If it is necessary and you need to drive. At least, take a small amount of your time to rest a bit. Like, take a nap for 30 mins to give your body some energy to keep moving. It is also recommended to drink some coffee after a quick rest to energize you.

Do not drive if tired drunk or sleepy

Also, while out of the car take a quick few jumps to pump and awaken your blood. This is to bring the enough oxygen you your brain. When you are tired, drunk or sleepy, oxygen tends to lack in circulation to your brain. So, a quick few jumps should help the blood from flowing to pump oxygen to your brain.

7. Do not turn your radio or music too loud

Seventh on our Tips for Driving at Night. Some people’s mistake is turning the volume too loud. It may not be distracting for others while inside the car. But, it could be dangerous while driving. Because the sound or loudness inside your car cuts you from hearing most sounds outside.

For example, a car horn that signals that they are about to overtake your car if they are in a hurry like emergency situations. Chances are, if you can’t hear them and suddenly make a swerve without noticing it especially if you are hook into your music. Consequently, resulting to a car crach. Bottomline is that keep your radio or music sound to an acceptable level of volume.

8. Stay alert and focused

Eight on our Tips for Driving at Night. When driving at night, people tend to lose their focus by beiing passive to get home or to their destination. Resulting to drivers losing focus and unaware of their surroundings. In this case a good example is crossing an intersection road. Most drivers would never want to wait and check if there are other cars incoming from other directions. That is why on intersections, even on crossroads. The policy of stop, look and listen is a must. There is nothing to lose for being safe rather than losing your life if careless.

9. Be aware of street or road signs

Ninth on our Tips for Driving at Night. For long time drivers, street and road signs are usually neglected. It is still important and be aware if you pass by a road sign. These are still important especially of the sign says something like “construction of road ahead”. With you being passive and neglecting these kind of road signages could risk you for harm. You might end up driving straight to a pit hole or losing control on a rocky road.

Street Road sign Tips for Driving at Night

Another important sing to look for are the curve signs, this is important if you are not familiar with the place. You miight end up on a cliffe if you are unaware of a curve while maintaining on such a high speed driving. Yet, another important road sign to note is the speed limit. Chances are if you do not comprehend the speed limit, you’ll definitely expect a patrol car behind you or worst. Hitting up a person if the speed limit is placed on a pedestrian lane.

10. Bring a companion travel buddy

Tenth, las but not the least on our Tips for Driving at Night. Then again, it is recommended to bring a buddy when driving at night. Not only, you get a proxy driver if in case you get tired or sleepy. But also you have someone to talk to. So, you won’t get bored during the travel. The other person could also help as a lookout for important road signs.

And another thing is that if you have something to get from the backseat, you can ask your companion nicely to get it for you. This reduce the risk of you getting it yourself while driving. As it may result from not noticing that you are off the road track. Resulting to crashing on something. Finally, both of you should wear Fit Over Sunglasses so you can enjoy the view while on the road.

Using our 10 Tips for Driving at Night

We hope that you got something from our 10 Tips for Driving at Night. Overall, the fact that you have become an awesome night driver doesn’t mean every other individual is. Pull from your normal following distance so as to create extra room when driving behind someone at night. This ensures that you do not crash into them if they hit their brakes. So, always wear the best night driving glasses too. It means that you won’t blind them with your headlights.

If you are driving down high ground, pull back further because your headlights will essentially be directly at the car behind you in the front, rear view mirror. Using our tips would help you to have a smooth driving experience at night. Most importantly, together with the use of Fit Over Sunglasses. So, if you enjoyed reading this blog for our 10 Tips for Driving at Night, please do check out, our other blog articles as well.

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