Third Tip on Driving Better at Night

Tips for Driving at Night

Driving at night has always been challenging to many people. It requires extra caution when compared to driving during the day. Even if you are not tired, the road gets much different as you drive through at night. This is what makes it a difficult task for some individuals. But do not be discouraged if you feel driving at night is difficult because with a few modifications to your automobile and some driving rules to follow you will be able to make driving at night an enjoyable experience. Note that there has been much advancement made in a bid to make night driving less cumbersome. This has come in the form of night driving glasses. With night vision glasses and a few modifications to your car you can make night driving far better. Below are highlights of some of these tips including acquiring night driving glasses. Check out our most popular and top rated night driving glasses – the “Knight Visor”.

6 Important Tips for Driving at Night

Millions of people have taken advantage of night vision glasses to improve their ability to drive at night. These glasses can help with night myopia (a poor night vision of distant objects). Most people who drive at night have trouble seeing runways and other vehicles.

Get a Pair of Night Vision Glasses

To combat this issue, they can wear night vision glasses. Consider wearing stronger prescription glasses at night or acquiring night driving glasses for night driving, even if you do not wear prescription glasses during the day.

Aim your Head Lights Correctly

First Tip to Driver Better at Night

It has been found that vehicle headlights even those of brand new automobiles are uneven sometimes or pointed lower than required. So it is worth the effort to place or aim them correctly before night driving. If you choose to do it yourself, follow the owner’s manual instructions. Be patient as it might take a few attempts before you can successfully point them accurately. Just ensure that your newly aimed head lights are not hampering or blinding oncoming traffic.Note that lights that are aimed accurately can also cast a dim glow on oncoming traffic (if there is something blocking the light), so ensure you clean the road grime on your headlights often. If your car is older with plastic lens covers, the covers may have turned yellow or faded after many years. The best way to handle this is to buy headlight polish kit and use it to remove the haze on your head lights. Confirm that your head lights produce the exact amount of light they did when new after cleaning. 

Adjust your Mirrors

Second Tip to Drive Better at Night

You can flip your inner mirror so as to reduce the glare behind you from headlights of other vehicles at night. You can also do the same thing for your side mirrors. By taking your driver side mirror down slightly while driving at night, you improve your chances to enjoy night driving. This also means that you do not have to lean forward to get a better view when changing lanes. It also makes sure that the car at your back isn’t blinding you.

Make Sure your Windshields are Clean

Third Tip on Driving Better at Night

Auto-parts stores sell or supply headlight and windshield-cleaning kits that can help to clean out the age-related dirt that forms on the shields cover your headlights and your windshield as well. This cleaning kit can include a polishing compound and foam pad. Ensuring your windshield is kept clean may seem like common sense, however having a clean windshield for your vehicle, makes a big difference when it comes to driving comfortably at night.It should not just be the outside of your windshield you clean. You have to clean the inner side as well. Chances are, you may have touched your windshield with your hand while wiping off condensation during the winter season or little water has pooled up on it. When a windshield is slightly smeared, it makes it much difficult to see oncoming lights at night.

Dim your Dash Lights

Fourth Tip on Driving Better at Night

Most cars in this era come with dimmer switches for dashboards for a reason. If you are driving at night with your dash lights on maximum, you may compromise your forward vision. Rally drivers and endurance racers take nighttime driving seriously by covering their dashboards with a dark felt to avoid any stray reflections. While you may not do that in a regular car, try to turn down the brightness of your dash lights.Additionally, do not leave the map lights on. The reason is that the less-expensive interior lights can disperse light over the interior which can shine into your eyes and affect your judgment when driving at night. Most luxury vehicles come with focused reading lights which pinpoint objects and doesn’t cause any glare. The ideal rule for a safe map light is that the source of light should never be seen through the driver’s seat. So as good as map lights might be, it is best to avoid having them on when driving at night.

Make Sure to consider our Tips for Driving at Night

The fact that you have become an awesome night driver doesn’t mean every other individual is. Pull from your normal following distance so as to create extra room when driving behind someone at night. This ensures that you do not crash into them if they hit their brakes. It means that you won’t blind them with your headlights. If you are driving down high ground, pull back further because your headlights will essentially be directly at the car behind you in the front, rear view mirror. So, always wear the best night driving glasses.

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