Sunglasses Trends 2022 – Best Picks for Eyewear and Accessories

Here are the best sunglasses trends for men and women in 2022. These are our best picks for eyewear and accessories that will match your fashionable outfit all year round. BLUPOND’s Italian inspired frames are stylish to have for winter, spring, summer, or fall collection.

What are the Latest Sunglasses Trends and New Accessories Now?

We all know that searching for trendy fashionable sunglasses is overwhelming. Considering the fact that you need to match it with your face shape. You want to be stylish all year-round. So we present BLUPOND’s popular trends that you’ll want to get to know. Go walk the runways and check our best seller and new arrivals from our favorite eyewear brand.

1. Daytime & Nighttime Best Polarized Sunglasses

With our busy lifestyle, combining fashion and function are complicated. But not with our first product for our best selling eyewear on our chart of sunglasses trends. These Italian designed frames are what you need for comfortable driving. It has casual look that you can wear on and off the road during daytime or nighttime.

2. Sunglasses Fitover Prescription Glasses

No one would tell you again that having a poor vision will not allow you to wear sunglasses. Even if you have a prescription eyeglasses, you could still wear a piece of our sunglasses trends for 2022. Our fitover sunglasses will cover the truth that you are wearing those thick prescription eyeglasses underneath. The best feature is that the lenses of this sunglasses can be flip up and down.

3. Cheap Price UV400 Sports Sunglasses

We know how annoying it is to drop your sunglasses while doing your favorite sports or outdoor exercise. Scout sunglasses won’t fail not to bother you with your activity. That is because it securely wraps around your head with the non slip frame and nose pad.

4. Men & WOmen Fashionable Designer Sunglasses

If you are still into those traditional or classic style and vintage look, try on these rounded square sunglasses. Even though its retro appearance gives you the 90s vibe. It does still make it on out top list of sunglasses trends this year. Because most of us are still drawn to the classic yet sophisticated look.

5. Semi Rimless Frame No Slip Sunglasses

For those who frequently break or drop their sunglasses, check out our fifth stylish eyewear on our sunglasses trends for year 2022. It’s metal stainless frame is durable to withstand most impact. Not to mention the nosepad which have anti slip feature against sweat and facial oil. The lenses are infused with semi mirrored polarized coating.


6. Vibrant Colored Glasses Case

If you frequently travel but cannot leave your pair of sunglasses at home. Then this portable case for glasses is what you need. It can fit most sizes of sunglasses or prescription eyeglasses. It is lightweight compared to those heavy hard case. It has zipper lock and metal carabiner hook which you can loop on your bag or belt.

7. Sunglasses Car Clip & Card Holder

Say goodbye to those days where you misplaced or drop your sunglasses or eyeglasses inside the car. Secure them with BLUPOND’s multipurpose car clip and debit credit card holder. It is rotatable up to 360 degrees. You get to have two clips for the price of one. Meaning, it can hold up to four eyewears. And that wraps our new accessories for our list of 2022 sunglasses trends this year.

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