History of UV400 Night Driving Glasses

We all know that glasses enhance people’s vision or correct visual impairment. In simple terms, investing for the Best Vision with UV400 Night Driving Glasses is important. Some would even think about the History of Night Driving Eyewear and how it came to be. But today, dropship glasses are worn not because of the need for eye correction. It has become a fashion accessory, there are glasses that match the shape of the face of the wearer’s outfit!



Why yellow is better than green UV400 sunglasses?

For some, they prefer green night driving glasses. But, to highlight the difference between other colored lenses, did you know the yellow is one of the all-purpose filters? Yes, you read that right. Compared to green night vision glasses, yellow lenses can be worn on a regular day and best until nighttime.

In recent findings, people wearing green night vision glasses find it hard to adjust the brightness when indoors. The green lens makes it a bit darker in contrast. Now, with the yellow lenses, only the blue light is filtered out. Thus, it makes it safe to be worn both indoors and outdoors. It balances the brightness even at night time where there is a low light condition. It makes easier for the eyes to adjust wearing yellow lens driving glasses.

How did uv400 night driving glasses started?

It took thousands of years to develop the appropriate sunglasses for the human eye. Did you ever wonder how these brilliant sunglasses were shaped? Let’s time travel to the history of night driving glasses. This history prevented and corrected a lot of visual impairments!

Glasses History of Night Driving Sunglasses

What is the history behind uv400 night driving glasses?

A long time ago, the Inuit (people of the Canadian Arctic) improvised a flattened walrus ivory “glasses” that reduces or blocks harmful reflected lights. The first-ever glasses were made from bones, driftwood, walrus ivory, or caribou antler. The goggles fit tightly to the face and gunpowder was smeared on the outside to prevent glare coming through and absorb light.

The glasses innovation of the Inuit people also helped the vision of the wearers. The narrow slit helps the eyes to focus. Moreover, the Inuit were not the only people who thought about protecting their eyes from glare. Roman Emperor Nero used polished gemstones when watching gladiator fights. He believed that it can reduce the sun’s glare, however, it is written in history that it is the most expensive yet ineffective form of sunglasses.  

18th Century Green Night Vision Glasses

In the 12th century, the Ancient Chinese made sunglasses with the use of flattened smoky quartz which protected the eyes from glare. Moreover, it is used by judges in court proceedings to hide their facial expressions. Initially, it was in the form of green night driving glasses. But, later found out that yellow lens sunglasses are better. It was during 1752 when James Ayscough innovated tinted or colored lenses in spectacles. The lenses were now attached with wires and frames that extend to the ear to hold the glasses in place. However, what he believed was the color of the lenses can correct vision impairments. James experimented with the blue-tinted and green-tinted lenses to enhance poor eyesight.

Following events about Green Night Driving Glasses

He did not have any idea that his invention would be used in today’s modern fashion accessories. In 1913, sunglasses made from cerium was introduced as Crookes lenses. This lens blocks the ultraviolet light. Due to the medical aide of sunglasses, it was mass-produced to protect the human eyes from sun rays and reduce glare. After that, wearing of sunglasses had a social stigma, because amber-tinted and brown-tinted sunglasses were prescribed for people with syphilis because of light sensitivity. But, the social stigma did not take too long. From the early times, experts thought that green night vision sunglasses are better. But, yellow lenses proved to be a good alternative.

night glasses yellow best for driving

But, during the peak of aviator sunglasses popular demand. Manufacturers started producing a different twist. Following the events, it was the yellow night driving sunglasses that provided much more benefit than green night driving glasses. Movie Stars influenced the use of sunglasses for glamor, it is common for them to be seen wearing sunglasses in public. They use sunglasses not just to hide their identity in public, but also the bright klieg lamps in their studio can cause red eyes.

20th Century Yellow UV400 night driving glasses

It was in 1929 when Foster Grant, an inexpensive sunglasses was massively produced by Sam Foster. It sparked the trend of wearing sunglasses on the city streets. In 1935, an old-fashioned pair of night driving glasses were manufactured by Bateman. The pair of glasses had accompanying instructions: “If used for night driving, turn the revolving disc to the right, it will cut out the dazzle of oncoming headlights while leaving the road clear ahead and a clear sight of the near side edge of the road. If the glasses is used when driving in sunny weather, adjust the revolving discs to cut out the glare from whichever direction it appears, specifically at the top of either side.” A year after, polarized sunglasses were introduced by Edwin H. Land.

His polarized sunglasses protect the human eyes from harmful UV rays, his innovation became desirable for fashion and comfort. It was also in 1936, the rage of World War II, Ray-Ban was made as an anti-glare aviator glasses. Now, Foster Grand Night Driving Glasses with UV protection are now a trend in the industry. The history of night driving glasses has come a long way from the prehistoric innovation of walrus ivory to transition lenses. Thanks to these brilliant inventors who made the sunglasses possible! Each year, the tints, styles, and trends of the sunglasses change. But, in recent years, new springs sprouted to produce better quality UV400 night driving glasses in the form of BLUPOND.

Why are UV400 Night Vision Glasses Invented?

Night driving glasses are invented to protect the eyes from distracting glares, which in turn enhances visual clarity and visual comfort. Driving glasses are designed with polarized lenses to decrease glare and make it comfortable to see amidst the lack of light. It is a hassle and danger to drive at night or at twilight. According to statistics, road accidents triple at night this is due to the glare from headlight beams, brake lights, and the reflective surfaces. Most drivers who experienced accidents claim that they missed the other car or the pedestrian lane due to the bright light or reflecting light. The human eye cannot fully adjust to the peripheral vision, depth perception, and color during the night. There is no room for errors, you have to be extra careful when driving at night. Thus, the night driving glasses are invented.  

      ✔  To avoid accidents…

Headlights that are on high beams from oncoming cars can be blinding and can distract you from your concentration. Moreover, distracting lights can come from the bright dashboard LEDs or the large infotainment screens inside the vehicles, these bright lights can disrupt your vision. Thus, night driving glasses are needed to prevent you from staring into the bright light. You have to use the right night driving glasses to improve nighttime visibility. Night driving glasses have an anti-reflective coating that disables additional and unnecessary light from reflecting in the lenses and allows more light to pass through. Night driving glasses are closely fit to the face to avoid stray light from reaching the eyes from above, below, or sides. You might be wondering why night driving glasses are close enough or merged into the temples, that’s the reason why!  

       ✔  To reduce glare…

Did you also know that the color of the lens of the night driving glasses depends on its purpose? These lens colors are advised to minimize or avoid color distortion and increase safety when driving. Avoid choosing the inappropriate colored lens, it can have a negative effect on the vision of the driver. It is shown in research that lenses with the colors green, pink, and blue should be avoided because it can make the red lights indistinguishable. The best lenses for driving glasses are polarized gray or brown lenses because these lenses are color-neutral. With a lot of good brands in the market. Different companies promise wide features but only some proved to be credible. 

However, yellow and amber-tinted lenses are also recommended as it enhances contrast and object definition. Moreover, driving glasses should have polarized lenses. Polarized sunglasses are used to reduce glare and increase the contrast to facilitate a sharper vision when driving. It provides more comfort in driving as it reduces eye strain, provides UV protection, improves contrast, and sharpens detail during hazy conditions. The BLUPOND night driving glasses are made with a polarized yellow lens which can truly help during daytime or nighttime drives. It is important to choose the appropriate driving glasses, there are styles of sunglasses that are inappropriate when worn behind the wheel.  

BLUPOND’s Best Polarized Night Vision Glasses

It is really challenging to drive at night, it is a must to have night driving glasses. There are various of night driving glasses available in the market today, but this is the best offer you can conveniently use during daytime and nighttime activities or driving. The BLUPOND Night Driving Glasses has both daytime and nighttime models. Night driving glasses are needed to effectively limit the sources of the light remain. See CarBible rating BLUPOND as best choice for night driving glasses hailing on the top of the list as the best day and night driving sunglasses. Why? It uses high-quality frames and lenses with anti-glare.  

Night Driving Glasses Knight Visor Semi Rimless Frame (black B)

UV400 night driving glasses

BLUPOND night driving glasses to protect you with their UV400 protection, it spares UV radiation. Medical experts recommend using sunglasses that filter out or reflect 99 percent or more of UVA and UVB light. UV400 met the requirement

Polarized UV400 Yellow Lens Sunglasses

The polarized yellow lens of this night driving glasses is not recommended for sports. But, it is more appropriate to use when driving at night. This is because the lens color provides an optimum object definition for Blupond night driving glasses. Moreover, it reduces glare caused by light reflection.

Durable, lightweight, and semi-rimless frames:

These night driving glasses are made of metal frames that are rigid, but the hinges grip the sunglasses to the wearer’s face. Moreover, the TCA polycarbonate blend is shatterproof and its frames are aluminum-magnesium, this makes Blupond night driving glasses durable!

Affordable Vision with UV400 Night Driving Glasses

The BLUPOND night driving glasses are given at an affordable price! Take note that prices is not an indicator of quality. Thus, expensive sunglasses does not guarantee an optimum protection for UVA. Other than that, the sunglasses comes with a complete kit! We recommend the Amazon’s best seller for driving sports sunglasses. BLUPOND offers sunglasses that are perfect for visual enhancement behind the wheel, it will surely provide you clear, optimum visibility and protection from harsh rays of the sun.

Check out more of Blupond’s products, they focus on manufacturing driving glasses for both day and night, and sports glasses! Know why they are one of the leading UV400 night driving glasses provider on top of other brands like foster grant night driving glasses.

Summary of Glasses History on Night Driving Sunglasses

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