10 Items For Motorcycle Expedition Checklist

A lot of thought and preparation goes into planning a motorcycle trip. Being far away from home and in a strange place gives you a new perspective on the things that matter to you. While packing, you wouldn’t want to leave something important behind. And at the same time, you want to have everything that you might need in case you encounter a mishap along the way. To get you started on your preparation, here is a checklist of the top ten items you should bring in your expedition.  

Motorcycle Expedition

Essential Items For A Motorcycle Expedition

To get you started on your preparation, here is a checklist of the top ten items you should bring in your expedition.  

Checklist items – must-haves

Below are the top 10 items to include on your checklist. But during the winter season, do not forget to bring your best heated gloves.

Riding Clothes and Gears

The most important item that one has to have on their motorcycle trip checklist is protective gear. Having the proper gear is a must as they help in reducing or preventing injuries in the event of a crash. Choose to ride clothes and gear that are comfortable to wear and appropriate for the weather. Test out your gear before you travel. Clothes and gears that are ill-fitting can distract you and therefore put you in danger. Here is a list of gear essentials:

Navigation Tools and Devices

A map and a GPS unit are very useful as it will help in planning out the route to take on the trip. It is important to pack both so that there is a backup in case the GPS unit fails. Navigation systems nowadays are easy to use and have hands-free features that allow riders to hear directions via Bluetooth. If a GPS unit is not available, then smartphones are a great alternative.

Motorcycle Toolkit

Avoid any mechanical mishaps from ruining a motorcycle expedition by packing a toolkit. Only bring tools that are essential to your motorcycle because you need to pack light. Pick the ones that are typically used in basic troubleshooting, since they would be needed not just for an emergency but also for general maintenance during long trips. Some of the items that should be included in the kit are:

  • Tools
  • Duct tape
  • Fuse
  • Spark plug
  • Tire repair kit
  • Flashlight
  • Zip Ties and Ropes
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Personal Hygiene Kit

How much toiletries riders should bring with them depends on how long and how the trip was planned. Whether you would be camping or spending a night somewhere, you’ll need a hygiene kit. Staying clean and fresh even while on the road can be challenging without adequate preparation. If you are planning to stopover in a hotel or anywhere else, you can get away with only the basics, like travel-size:

  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Mouthwash
  • Deodorant
  • Soap
  • Shampoo
  • Sunscreen
  • Hair ties
  • Wet wipes

Communication Device

It doesn’t matter if you are traveling unaccompanied or in a group, bringing your cell phone should be on your motorcycle trip checklist. It makes staying in touch with everyone in the group easy. You’ll need it not only in case of an emergency but also for any situation that might require communicating with someone. Smartphones can be useful when navigating, booking a room, or finding a place to eat. Don’t forget to include a power bank and charger to ensure that your batteries won’t run out when you most need it.

Water and Food

Staying hydrated should be part of your next motorcycle road trip planner. It helps in staying alert and avoids fatigue and other health issues which in some cases can result in accidents. Bring a water bottle in your pack and make it a habit of refilling it whenever you can. You can also keep a power bar inside your pack just in case you get hungry. You need to keep your energy at the optimum level while riding.

Waterproof Rain Gear

It is hard to predict if it is going to rain when traveling to a new territory especially. Rain gears are fairly easy to pack and would only take up small space. It pays in the end if you are not soaking wet in the duration of your trip.

Medicine and First Aid Kit

Depending on how long your motorcycle expedition may take, there should be medications for headaches, flu, fever, stomach ache or allergies, in your pack. Don’t also forget to include a sufficient quantity of your maintenance drugs if you have a health condition. You can never be too sure that all drugstores will have what you need specifically. You should also carry a wound-dressing kit or a small first aid kit. This way, you’ll be ready in any circumstances where a minor injury is sustained either by you or someone else.

Key and Documents

Being active outdoors and traveling miles away from home presents too many opportunities for your keys to get lost or stolen along the way. Always bring a spare key with you to save you some of the troubles of having to call for help. Keep it somewhere where it would not be accidentally locked in or lost. You should also have your license, owner’s manual and other documents included in your motorcycle road trip planner. You’ll be happy to find them there when you need them while on the road.


Often people easily overlook when checking their motorcycle trip checklist whether they need for cash while on a motorcycle expedition. If you have been dependent on using your credit card on a regular day, you might be surprised that there are places where they won’t be accepted. You will need money to refill your gas, purchase some food or other products, or pay for a service. In this situation, all you may be able to depend on is cash. Keep your cash on different pockets or partitions in your person or bag. It will help you prevent from losing them all at once.

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Are you ready for your Motorcycle Expedition?

It’s hard to imagine all the circumstances that you would find yourself into once you are on the road. Having a checklist will give you the chance to forget all your worries and instead, focus and enjoy your expedition.

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