New (2020) Car Visor Sunglasses Clip Holder

We are excited to announce that our newest Car Visor Sunglasses Clip Holder is launched and the buyer’s feedback is AMAZING!

Blupond New 2020 Car Visor Sunglasses Clip Holder

As you know, almost every night driving glasses or sunglasses bundle we sell includes a sunglasses clip that holds the glasses securely on your car’s sun visor and used as a mini visor organizer. 

Car Accessories - Sunglasses Clip 

As a brand that seek consistent improvement,  we tend to listen to our audience’s feedback and learn from it. A few months ago we decided to take action and develop a NEW and IMPROVED model of this amazing gadget, based on the product reviews and feedback we’ve received for our old visor clip. The issue with the old model was that it was not durable enough to withstand extensive use and although it was very functional and favorite of many drivers, the quality issues lead us to the conclusion that we have to replace it with a better version.

Best Car Sun Visor Sunglasses Clip 

The old car sunglasses clip is no longer available!

Old Blupond Car Clip

The new Knight Visor Sunglasses Clip is made of durable molded ABS and a carbon-fiber-like finish for a fancy look. It includes two claws and it can be rotated 180 degrees, enabling you to hang 2 glasses at the same time. It also includes a card slot to help you organize your cards in an accessible-easy-to-find location in your car.

Car Visor Clip Holder 

The new clip is now included in every knight visor bundle replacing the old clip and also sold separately in a pack of 2 pieces.

BLUPOND Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

If you purchased our old clip from us, in the past 12 months and you experienced a malfunction or quality issues, please contact us with your order number and we will send you the new sunglasses car clip for FREE. 

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Blupond New 2020 Car Visor Sunglasses Clip Holder

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